Friday, July 25, 2008

Quite the adventure

Today we had a blast. Batstone, or better known to Nevaeh as "lOra", and i met up with Nina and the girls today to go to Prehistoric Pets! Nevaeh is not intimidated by death or gross things (she was very into the dead fish at the pet store....) so we figured the reptiles wouldnt scare her. we were right! she had a blast. the coolest part for me was when the lady carried out this huge comodo dragon and fed it a "dead" rat! it was crazy. i was so intrigued to watch that i forgot i was holding nevaeh and quickly covered her eyes as i realized what was for lunch, hoping not to forever scar the young child. we found a tropical fish shop a few shops down and decided to peak in. they had THE COOLEST fish! the ugliest and most bizarre fish..yet reasonably priced and very cool. all i know is i am definitly getting a few in the near future. hehe.
I came back over to watch the girls tonight and we enjoyed a plethora of veggie tales. Char was cute and danced around to the into of the song and later was feeling left out and crawled over and sat in my lap for a good while.

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Brianna said...

those fish look fake!!! i hope you're having a blast at j-high camp taking lots of awesome pics!