Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little House on the Prarie Style

So Sera wanted to do a photoshoot the other day and she had this dress that she has been wanting to use apparently. of course it is this old fashion "prarie dress". she found this brick church that she wanted to shoot at but luckily we didnt have enough time to go out in public. THANK GOD! i am not secure enough to walk around huntington beach looking like i belong in the 1800s. ok its really not that bad. she did want me to wear this bonnet she found, but thats wear i drew the line. haha. no bonnet! both of our "sweet cameras" died and the battery on her 'average' camera was about to die. so here are some of the shots we got in our limited time.

For those of you who dont know (probabably a few of you) my freind Sera is going to school for photography and is getting really good. she likes using me for her projects and such but for the most part the photo shoots we do are just for fun. Here are a few from previous shoots. just to give you an idea into our lives..occasionally.

Our first shoot

Shots on the Roof!

"Twiggy" shoot. Yes, i know the this one looks awkward. its supposed to. we were coppying one of Twiggy's old pictures.

Georgous Chloe May


Laura Bat said...

i like the dress! i mean, i wouldn't wear it as regular fashion, but it has a nice "retro" feel :) hahahah

brittanyanne said...

I like the dress too!


I spy a Daytona. :)

Brianna said...

i like the dress in black and white...but i fully understand your insecurities about walking around in it in public. good grief. sera makes high demands with a bonnet and all....haha! i really like the first two buddy!