Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Visit from Santa Rosa

What a suprise! I had the pleasure of hanging out with Corynne and her two precious babes with Nina and the girls this afternoon. Before they got to Nina's place, Nevaeh kept saying how she was going to show Elliot her horses, her freind Elliot was coming over, Elliot this, Elliot that...the second he got there they both her really quite and didnt even want to play with each other cuz "Elliot was shy". But as soon as lunch rolled around they quickly got over the awkwardness of it all and we all had quite an enjoyable afternoon. They played very well together until the end of the afternoon and Nevaeh was getting so overwhelmed and exhausted, that she put herself down for her own nap. it was cute. o i forgot. that was right after Elliot took the closest picture of her eye that i have ever seen..with the flash. haha. poor 'Aeh. it was quite funny tho, after the fact. It was so much fun seeing you again, Corynne! Ive missed your smiling face. :)

Caiden on the left, Char on the right


brittanyanne said...

can i start planning the wedding? ;)

and thanks Rachel! I saw you tonight, but I don't think we did say Hi! So... HI!

Nina49a said...

Lets not forget to mention the talented photography of Miss Rachel B. Thanks for photo-documenting our day!

Rachel was like.... said...

aww your too kind. ;)