Monday, July 21, 2008

San Onofre

Early this morning Batstone invited me to join her family down at San Onofre state beach for the evening. One of their family freinds (Louis from Mustard Seed Faith for you avid Calvary peeps) and his wife have been camping down there for 5 weeks! talk about checking out and relaxing all day! every day they get up at 5 to take their RV from the campgrounds across the street to get in line to enter the park, hoping to make it to the beach before the first good surf for a few hours, rest in the RV, go back out for a few more hours, have dinner, go back to the campsite and start all over at 5am the next morning. that is what i call 'dedicated beach bummin'. anyways, they invited us out for dinner! it was a lot of fun, and the beach was as gorgeous as ever. especially this particular beach you feel like you are in paradise, completely distanced from life. its a completely different world with the tiki huts, long perfectly carved waves, warm water...just heavenly. too bad its like an hour away.

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