Thursday, March 26, 2009


Church was phenomenal tonight. The worship was off the hook! All of the kids were worshipping before the Lord. It was a moment to be remembered. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quite the eventful day

Saturday morning I took my biology test, went rollerblading, signed up for a credit card/debit card (FINALLY!), cleaned my room (o wait..i never did get around to that..), spent time with my Jesus, and did some vaccuming and cleaning around the house. already sounds like an eventful day, huh?? yes. i was very proud of myself to get so much accomplished actually. :D

I met up with Josh later in the afternoon and we took a quick trip over to Downtown of our favorite spots to hang out. Although it seems to always be so busy and loud its ironically very relaxing for us. My favorite spot is to go down to the coi poind and water falls. It makes for some great pictures too. Last night we met up with my family (including my mom's brother and ten of their cousins) to watch my dad preform in 'Oklahoma'! He did such a great job! Hope International University (his place of employment for the past 10 years) asked him to be in this years spring musical and he happily said yes. it was something very outside of his comfort zone, but you could tell that he was having a lot of fun up there as well. He was in a lot of the dancing scenes which was fun, and he even got in a fight with one of the guys! I was proud of my pops. :)
(His beard is now GONE and has his baby face back) My crazy mom in the background. ha!

(Not even half of my crazy family!) we were so excited to have such a great support group come to see him preform. I could tell that it meant a lot to him.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Since You've Been Gone..."

Sounds like a line from a Kelly Clarkson song doesnt it? Actually, this is a post for NINA about everything that has happened since she has left me to go to Fresno for 3 weeks. 
Josh's cousins came back down after the 100 mile Solvang bike ride (Alive) ...

To celebrate Griffin's (8th?)birthday!
and we watched the Disney fireworks from their Hotel room after a night swim in the Pirate ship pool! (sorry, no pictures of that one)

And now Jessica likes to drink anything and everything from coffee to soda in her GINORMOUS coffee cup. its pretty awsome actually.

I had to eat my Cap'n Crunch out of a cup the other day because we didn't have any bowls! Yes, I usually eat a healthy breakfast (at home) but i was really late for work so i had to make a sacrifice. ;)

OOOO!! and I got a new phone on Sunday! (photobooth does not do it justice) its a touch screen and i love it. much nicer than my old phone. and guess what?? it has a sick camera! good quality pictures, mulitple resolution choices, you can EDIT the pictures on the camera, choose B+W, sepia, etc. ..its the bomb diggity. 

Love you and miss you, girly! Come home to me soon!  :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Weekend!

My Uncle Larry got re-married this past Saturday to a very sweet woman. It was a casual wedding at the Waters Restaurant in Irvine overlooking a beautiful lake. Congrats Larry!
My cousin Chris was the 'designated photographer' for the afternoon. 

On Sunday we met up with Josh's cousin Marlo and her family from Oregon. They are down at Disneyland all week and then driving down with Josh's parents to Solvang where Keith (cousin) and Ken (Josh's dad) are going to bike ride the 100 mile Solvang race! Yes..I already checked and they are officially insane.
This is Aiden; he is 10 months now. 

He always had SOMETHING in his little mouth!

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Belle" by Sera

It Happens...

My mom's car got broken into last week. last week? ok. maybe 2 weeks ago. It was parked in our driveway and someone must have come in the middle of the night and done their dirty work. They broke the passenger side window, and made a huge mess of everything. They stole her GPS (bummer! but covered under insurance. thank you jesus!), her garage door opener, and her work key... random, i know. My mom and i were the only ones home when she noticed her window smashed in at 8am that morning. she ran back in the house (flustered and angry) yelling "Someone just broke into my car?! what do i do??" I got her to calm down and call the Santa Ana Police to report the incidence. Suprisingly, they said she would have to drive the car down to the police station if she wanted to get it finger printed. Later that day the window got repaired, we found out our insurance covered everything, we reprogrammed our garage door (that was a scary thought! they could have had easy access to our entire house!), and all was well. 
 About a month ago my neighbor came around saying that her house got broken into and a few weeks ago there was a shooting a street down from Nina's house. That same morning my mom's car got broken into Josh told me someone high on drugs was driving recklessly down his street and hit a parked car, running it into his driveway! Such a crazy world we live in! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


...from the Huntington Library and Gardens. all these posts at once after not posting in almost a month! crazy i know! :) 

Huntington Library and Gardens

Let me just say (once again) that I have the sweetest freinds...ever. Bri and Batstone wanted to take me out for my birthday and had  planned this weekend for about a month, since it was the first Saterday we were all available after my birthday! They suprised me with a trip to the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasedena. I had been there once before when i was about 13. Definitely did not appreciate its beauty as much as I did this time around. We all had so much fun taking pictures and trying to find the different gardens! More pictures to come. :)

This poor fly is about to meet his Maker. This type of plant has fine, sticky hairs on its stem and leaves to that bugs stick to it! ...somehow the plant later eats them i think. 

look at the cool colors on this tree!!!

this plant closes up when you touch its leaves! 

Bri couldn't figure out how to get the microscope to focus. i think she was getting frustrated
the COOLEST bridge in the garden

Monday, March 2, 2009

We share the same birthday!

Yesterday Josh and I went over to my aunt's house to help celebrate my little cousin, Landon's 1st birthday! His party was postponed for about a month 'cuz the poor little guy was in the hospital for about a week. But now he is completely healed and could not be any cuter! He thorougly enjoyed his first cupcake smothered in chocolate icing. Suprisingly he did not have any trouble consuming the whole cupcake. :) 

My dad fell asleep (which is a regular occurance whenever he has a spare moment or two) and Josh decided to cuddle with him. To bad my dad woke up at just the right moment. ha!