Friday, March 6, 2009

It Happens...

My mom's car got broken into last week. last week? ok. maybe 2 weeks ago. It was parked in our driveway and someone must have come in the middle of the night and done their dirty work. They broke the passenger side window, and made a huge mess of everything. They stole her GPS (bummer! but covered under insurance. thank you jesus!), her garage door opener, and her work key... random, i know. My mom and i were the only ones home when she noticed her window smashed in at 8am that morning. she ran back in the house (flustered and angry) yelling "Someone just broke into my car?! what do i do??" I got her to calm down and call the Santa Ana Police to report the incidence. Suprisingly, they said she would have to drive the car down to the police station if she wanted to get it finger printed. Later that day the window got repaired, we found out our insurance covered everything, we reprogrammed our garage door (that was a scary thought! they could have had easy access to our entire house!), and all was well. 
 About a month ago my neighbor came around saying that her house got broken into and a few weeks ago there was a shooting a street down from Nina's house. That same morning my mom's car got broken into Josh told me someone high on drugs was driving recklessly down his street and hit a parked car, running it into his driveway! Such a crazy world we live in! 


Brittany Anne Myers said...

Pretty much everyone that I know has been affected in some way by a robbery in the last few months. I myself was a victim, but I am up at crazy hours and saw the guy doing it from my window. I yelled and he ran away. I have no clue if he took anything, but praise the Lord for my insane sleeping patterns on that one. I have also been informed that at least 8 house in my neighborhood have been broken into and my co-workers car was stolen from her apartment complex and taken for a joy ride.

It's so sad that with the economy going the way it is, and just the general moral decay of our world, that we have to experience this type of stuff. :(

Nina49a said...

Brittany! you yelled at him!?