Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Weekend!

My Uncle Larry got re-married this past Saturday to a very sweet woman. It was a casual wedding at the Waters Restaurant in Irvine overlooking a beautiful lake. Congrats Larry!
My cousin Chris was the 'designated photographer' for the afternoon. 

On Sunday we met up with Josh's cousin Marlo and her family from Oregon. They are down at Disneyland all week and then driving down with Josh's parents to Solvang where Keith (cousin) and Ken (Josh's dad) are going to bike ride the 100 mile Solvang race! Yes..I already checked and they are officially insane.
This is Aiden; he is 10 months now. 

He always had SOMETHING in his little mouth!


Nina49a said...

Its good to know whats going on in your life since I am so so very far far away from you...miss ya!

Nina49a said...

P.S. Your hair looks very full and flowy(:

Laura Bat said...

Nina- i was just going to comment on her hair too! It is so lonnnngggg. It seems like just yesterday you chopped it all off.

Brianna said...

"I already checked and they are officially insane."

YOU ARE SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!