Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quite the eventful day

Saturday morning I took my biology test, went rollerblading, signed up for a credit card/debit card (FINALLY!), cleaned my room (o wait..i never did get around to that..), spent time with my Jesus, and did some vaccuming and cleaning around the house. already sounds like an eventful day, huh?? yes. i was very proud of myself to get so much accomplished actually. :D

I met up with Josh later in the afternoon and we took a quick trip over to Downtown of our favorite spots to hang out. Although it seems to always be so busy and loud its ironically very relaxing for us. My favorite spot is to go down to the coi poind and water falls. It makes for some great pictures too. Last night we met up with my family (including my mom's brother and ten of their cousins) to watch my dad preform in 'Oklahoma'! He did such a great job! Hope International University (his place of employment for the past 10 years) asked him to be in this years spring musical and he happily said yes. it was something very outside of his comfort zone, but you could tell that he was having a lot of fun up there as well. He was in a lot of the dancing scenes which was fun, and he even got in a fight with one of the guys! I was proud of my pops. :)
(His beard is now GONE and has his baby face back) My crazy mom in the background. ha!

(Not even half of my crazy family!) we were so excited to have such a great support group come to see him preform. I could tell that it meant a lot to him.

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lar thompson said...

SWEET!! Sounds like SO much fun!! haha! And man, Rach! Your skin is flawless in these photos!!!!! So gorgeous! ;) I love you!!!!