Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Weeks Update

As some of you know, Josh was in the hospital on his birthday undergoing tests on his stomach/colon, so our plans to go out to dinner got cancelled. Sunday night Josh and I went out to the Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney to celebrate his belated 22nd birthday. It was both our first times there and it was amazing! We sat on the balcony (which was a cool view), and snuck down stairs afterwards to listen to the live jazz music, which was ridiculously awsome. After our dinner of a New York strip steak and beer battered catfish, we made our way down to the movies and saw 007 Quantom of Solace! i dont know if it was as good as the first, but it definitly kept me awake. :)
(this was my dinner..DELICIOUS!)
Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my favorite little girls and the lovely Nina as they prepared for their trip to Fresno. I think my favorite moment from the afternoon was watching Charlotte climb into one of the suitcases, soon followed by Nevaeh. They had so much fun playing with/in those suitcases! Have fun on your trip Nina! I'll miss you all for sure!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Day of Christmas!

Day 1 of Christmas at Disneyland. Josh and I met up with Bri and Billy at Disneyland Friday night and experienced their first day of Christmas this year! There were five story tall Christmas trees and even authentic, soapy snow. :) it was delightful.

See the snow??

This has nothing to do with anything..just a fun sidenote. So last Sunday morning after church most of the kids had already left and we looked over to see one of the boys had fallen asleep! tisk tisk. haha. how do you fall asleep during worship? espeically the way we do it, its rather loud..and purty upbeat. anyways.. i grabbed my camera and took a picture of him really quick, just as josh started pelting him with pencils! o man. and he STILL didn't wake up. so our buddy Christian walks over to him and puts his arm around him, just talking with him. haha. FINALLY he woke up. it was so funny. and then he got up and just walked out. SOO funny.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Double Date Night!

Josh and i met up with Bri and Billy at the Irvine spectrum for a delicous dinner of pizza and salad at CPK. However, this was no ordinary double date. Bri and Billy are high school counselors at Ocean Hills and it was their "counselor scanvenger hunt" night. for those of you who have never had the pleasure of participating in such an event, the object of the hunt is for the high schoolers to wander around the shopping center looking for their counselors, whichever team finds the most counselors wins. It gets kinda tricky because the leaders are typically dressed up and hopefully unrecognizable. So we joined Bri and Billy for dinner, hoping to keep them hidden from the high schoolers. and it worked! only one group found them in the very beginning. I didnt even recognize them at first. Billy looked like a modern hick (in my opinion) with a gottee (made of 'real man hair'..eww) and glued it on his face, and bri bought a wig and a huge ugly freckle. haha. they looked awsome. billy couldnt laugh (or hardly eat his pizza) with the fear of his gottee coming off, so it was quite the experience. With that said, we just had a great night of fellowship and thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with another couple.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Summer already?

My neighbor works for SugarShoes and asked me if I would take pictures of their upcoming summer line of shoes for their website (! A lot of it is geared for younger girls, so Natasha and I spent some time taking 'sample pictures' to give the company an idea of what we could do. I'm sending the pictures in today so we'll see if they like 'em or not. But here is some ideas that I had: any suggestions or ideas??Please excuse the dirt clod :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Wonderful World least that was the title to one of the songs that the pond water danced to last night! its ok. ill start over. :)
Adeh, a fellow bible college attendee, invited us up once again to Glendale for a great night of fellowship and of Adeh grew up in Iran and introduced us to authentic Persian food last night. It was actually delicious. I sadly didn't get any pictures of our meal, but it took multiple waters to bring out our dinner, and they even had to clear off our table mulitple times so that all our food would fit.
After our filling dinner, we walked around the Americana for a few hours, had my first Pinkberry(..still like Yogurtland the best), grabbed ourselves some coffee, and sat near the water fountain/pond and watched the show. About every 15 minutes, the water "dances to the music". its amazing. and very entertaining. Its starting to feel like Christmas!

This is Adeh see the water dancing?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why is it called Halloween?

Last night Josh and I had a wonderful time with everyone over at Al and Nina's place. (i feel there will be many parties at that HOUSE now.wahoo!) Nevaeh enjoyed being Marty the Zebra, while Charlotte reluctantly was Melman the Giraffe. I am excited to say that Nevaeh is finally taking a liking to Josh and starting to warm up with him. She has always been very shy around him, but last night she was holding his hand and dragging him all over the place. :)