Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Day of Christmas!

Day 1 of Christmas at Disneyland. Josh and I met up with Bri and Billy at Disneyland Friday night and experienced their first day of Christmas this year! There were five story tall Christmas trees and even authentic, soapy snow. :) it was delightful.

See the snow??

This has nothing to do with anything..just a fun sidenote. So last Sunday morning after church most of the kids had already left and we looked over to see one of the boys had fallen asleep! tisk tisk. haha. how do you fall asleep during worship? espeically the way we do it, its rather loud..and purty upbeat. anyways.. i grabbed my camera and took a picture of him really quick, just as josh started pelting him with pencils! o man. and he STILL didn't wake up. so our buddy Christian walks over to him and puts his arm around him, just talking with him. haha. FINALLY he woke up. it was so funny. and then he got up and just walked out. SOO funny.


Brittany Anne Myers said...

Oh man, that side note was pure funny!

I feel bad for him if he took all the laughter and smiles he got too seriously... but, it was an interesting thing... that he didn't even wake up with the amount of kids moving out around him, and that he was able to sleep during worship!

You should talk to him... he is quite... interesting...

Brianna said...

yay Christmas!!!!