Saturday, November 15, 2008

Double Date Night!

Josh and i met up with Bri and Billy at the Irvine spectrum for a delicous dinner of pizza and salad at CPK. However, this was no ordinary double date. Bri and Billy are high school counselors at Ocean Hills and it was their "counselor scanvenger hunt" night. for those of you who have never had the pleasure of participating in such an event, the object of the hunt is for the high schoolers to wander around the shopping center looking for their counselors, whichever team finds the most counselors wins. It gets kinda tricky because the leaders are typically dressed up and hopefully unrecognizable. So we joined Bri and Billy for dinner, hoping to keep them hidden from the high schoolers. and it worked! only one group found them in the very beginning. I didnt even recognize them at first. Billy looked like a modern hick (in my opinion) with a gottee (made of 'real man hair'..eww) and glued it on his face, and bri bought a wig and a huge ugly freckle. haha. they looked awsome. billy couldnt laugh (or hardly eat his pizza) with the fear of his gottee coming off, so it was quite the experience. With that said, we just had a great night of fellowship and thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with another couple.


Laura Bat said...

wow. billy's beard is sick. and not in the good way.
Also, Bri's wig is hilarious!!! hahaha. That is great. maybe a possible hairstyle in the future?

Nina49a said...

I am so glad this picture was explained, I just saw it and was like "Oh No, Oh No, Oh no"

Brianna said...

hahahaha!!! oh my gosh i didn't even know you blogged about this since i'm slacking on keeping up with these things.....that is awesome! that was a ton of fun. and yes, i'm considering the hairstyle. :-P billy looks like a trucker or something..haha! that was awesome. :-D