Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Weeks Update

As some of you know, Josh was in the hospital on his birthday undergoing tests on his stomach/colon, so our plans to go out to dinner got cancelled. Sunday night Josh and I went out to the Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney to celebrate his belated 22nd birthday. It was both our first times there and it was amazing! We sat on the balcony (which was a cool view), and snuck down stairs afterwards to listen to the live jazz music, which was ridiculously awsome. After our dinner of a New York strip steak and beer battered catfish, we made our way down to the movies and saw 007 Quantom of Solace! i dont know if it was as good as the first, but it definitly kept me awake. :)
(this was my dinner..DELICIOUS!)
Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my favorite little girls and the lovely Nina as they prepared for their trip to Fresno. I think my favorite moment from the afternoon was watching Charlotte climb into one of the suitcases, soon followed by Nevaeh. They had so much fun playing with/in those suitcases! Have fun on your trip Nina! I'll miss you all for sure!

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Brittany Anne Myers said...

I love the Jazz Kitchen! The Beignets! Yummmmm!

Glad you guys were able to celebrate amidst all the stuff going on with his insides.