Monday, December 1, 2008

[Another] Day in the Life of...

Instead of watching Natasha for 6 hours in the afternoon/evening, today I came over in the morning/afternoon! Even though it was the same amount of time it suprisingly went a lot quicker. I made her a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and buttered toast to start off our morning. After taking a few bites of her eggs (which were delicious by the way) she gets down and shuffles over to the pantry to grab a box of "pashta" instead. ( I normally make her lunch and we have pasta almost every time, so i think she was thrown off by making breakfast)

anywho, when it got time for lunch i told her that we could make our pasta now, and after stepping away for no more than a minute i hear the pasta going all over the floor. I ran back into the room to find Natasha at her play kitchen pouring the uncooked pasta into her toy pan! it was so cute! i couldnt get mad at her and instinctively ran to get my camera and took a picture of the mess before we cleaned it up.

Natasha loves taking pictures, and had even more fun being silly when she found out it could make a video as well. I'll have to video tape some of the conversations we have. I've put up so many pictures of this girl so i thought it would be fun to "watch her" too

(sorry the video is sideways..thought you would still appreciate the humor)

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Brianna said...

so...basically you're meant to be a mom. :-)