Monday, December 29, 2008

A week of Christmas

The entire week of Christmas (besides Christmas Day) Josh and I spent with his family. His cousin Marlo and her family flew down from Oregon, Lynnea and her little boy, Makenna, flew out from Hawaii, and Dreason flew here from Rome (he is on the US nat'l water polo team and tranes in Italy). The whole week we spent lounging around, going to see Christmas lights at Balboa, visiting Atlantis park, going out to dinner, etc. Over all it was a good time. Here are a few pictures from our week.

Paige, Griffen, and Makenna

i know. everyone wants my sun glasses. ;)

There were bunnies running around at the park! we got so close to one of them!

Josh was in love with little Aiden....

...but not as much as Janice..she was head over heals for the little guy. can't blame her though. he was adorable and always smiling.


Brittany Anne Myers said...


You got ot play at Atlantis Park!!!!

I spent many a birthday and many a Friday afternoons there when I was younger!

Nina49a said...

Awww...cute kiddies! Having fun with your new lens I see! See ay tonight yay!!

Brianna said...

oOo how fun! and yes, your new lens is coming in quite handy! i'm loving it!

Brianna said...

oOo yes, your new lens is coming in quite handy! i'm loving it! i miss you buddy....can we be friends? haha

Laura Bat said...

i don't know about atlantis park.
What is it? Should we go there? I feel like it is a really special place with a name like that.