Monday, December 8, 2008

First Time at Disneyland!

Well, it wasn't the first time for me to go to Disneyland, but it was for Adeh! Josh was given a free Disneyland ticket while working at Salvation Army and he saved it to take someone with us who didn't have a pass. I think Adeh really enjoyed it for the most part. He's not really a roller coaster type of person, but we convinced him to go on Space Mountain, and he didn't freak out too you can tell in the first picture. haha. We took him on almost every ride worth riding for the perfect Disney experience. Josh and I haven't done a day trip to Disney on a Saterday in a while, so it was a shock for us to see it so packed! The lines that were normally 10-15 minutes long were up to a 45-60 minute wait! Crazy!

Can you see us sleeping behind Adeh? Apparently, we've been on the ride one too many times...or maybe we just know where the camera is. ;)
The Peter Pan Ride

waiting in the 45 minute line for Star Tours (this ride suprisingly made Adeah more sick then the roller coaster!)

Josh finding out the Disney character he relates most to is Scar. (He took the news fairly well)


Corynne Escalante said...

you look pretty. (you always look pretty, though)
i love the last photo of you and josh.

Brianna said...

ooo how fun! people who have never been to disneyland are awesome because they find joy in the things we take for granted. that's awesome. haha! also, i think you are hilarious. i love your little sarcastic but AWESOME remarks (aka "he took the news well). you're AMAZING! we need to hang out because i love you!