Friday, December 19, 2008

In the EYE of the beholder

In this case, we are talking about a FISHeye. heck yes. I got a fisheye converter for Christmas. Let me just say that I am stoked. So I was browsing the internet one day..actually that sounds like most of my days..this time looking for fisheye lenses. I was getting discouraged when all i could find were $500-$1,000 lenses. Sheeeesh! I went on Yahoo!Answers and found out that you could get a lense converter that just sits on the end of your current lense, gets the same job done and only costs $30-$40! What a deal! So I told my mom this would be something that i would want for Christmas (cuz they are always asking and i never know what i want..until now!) so suprisngly my mom was like, "Ok, go ahead and get it!" So it came in the mail on Wednesday and I was able to take it to church and mess around with it a little bit before I had to surrender it to my mother to wrap for REopen on Christmas morning. :)
aawwww...AbraHAM has a sensitive side. ;)

i love the angle of way the computer bends!

so its kind of weird using a fisheye because you have to get barely an inch away from whatever you are photographing for it to bubble like that. (Ex: Grant was so close to our faces when he took this last picture, that i honestly thought he was only taking a picture of Josh's eye. ha!) I'm so excited and can't wait to mess around with it some more.


Brianna said...

okay THAT is awesome!

Nina49a said...

YAY! Congratulations on the fish! I cant wait to see some landscapes!
I miss u BTW.