Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas day went really well. Josh was able to spend the day with me, get the house ready, relax together, lots of family came over, and of course we all looked forward to seeing baby Landon. My cousin Eric and his wife Amber (whom i love dearly) gave birth to Landon 10 months ago ON MY BIRTHDAY! ha! so special. anyways, he is darling, and in love with animals: specifically dogs.
If any of you know my dog Missy, she is ever so hiper whenever anyone come to our house. she will jump on you and sit ON your foot until she gets your undivided attention. But when she sees babies, she definitly realizes how fragile they are and makes a point to keep her distance. She will push herself against you and be running around, but the second she sees a baby she will bow her head down, slowly walk over to the baby, sniff, and just sit there carefully, making sure no harm comes to him. This time she totally ignored the baby(which she has never done) and just let him coo and giggle at her as he was estatically trying to reach for her. It was the cutest thing.

Missy lay just out of Landon's reach as he would try to reach for her. Landon was shaking his arms uncontrolably at one point becuase he was so excited to see her. :)

Sadly, Missy was diagnosed with bone cancer on Christmast Eve and the vet does not expect her to last much longer. maybe another month. :( Tragic thought to think of losing such a key part of our family. Its hard to see her in pain, but i know that God will help us through this like he has carried us through everything else.

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Brianna said...

NOOOOO!!!! missy?!?!!?!?!?! :-(