Monday, December 29, 2008

Work or Play?

So for the few of you who haven't heard...i don't babysit anymore!! well i do on occasion, but i have a real job now! I was casually praying about possibly needing a job and God obviously heard my prayers, and put it on the hearts of those at Calvary to ask me to work at the Bible College! so now i am the admissions, registar, and secretary to Erik Tribble at the extension campus at Costa Mesa. This is my third week and i am loving it so far! Jessica and i share the duties of running the Bible College, so it is really chill and we get along great. Now that i work 40 hours a week, it is hard for me to regularly see my peeps and thus i am missing you guys! come have lunch with me sometime and we'll catch up!
Yes, we had to work half day on Christmas Eve, but we spent the day having tons of fun playing Jenga, Mad Gab, and going to Brueggers Bagels for Breakfast.


Corynne Escalante said...

aww... a regular workin' girl now, eh? congratulations!

Brianna said...

that is the best work day i've ever heard of.