Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello Stranger!

So ever since I started working I've been really lazy about posting on my blog. Sorry. So with that in mind, let me just combine a few stories. :)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to Disneyland with a few of my girls. Batstone and I headed over to Rachel Pocketts house after church so enjoy an afternoon/evening at Disney. After waiting (literally) 40 minutes to get INTO the parking structure we were able to have quite the enjoyable time waiting in other lines the rest of the day! haha. actually it wasnt that bad. we headed over to California Adventure and we enjoyed taking Batstone on her first time riding the new Toy Story Ride (for those of you who haven't been..your missing out) anyways, it ended up gettings really cold around 6 and i was sick anyways, so we decided to head out without seeing the snow/fireworks that night.
Friday night was Date night! We have had some 'dinner giftcards' for the longest time and we finally decided to use some of them and went to Red Lobster (my first experience there). The food was delicious, but the restaurant itself seemed like a higher end average restaurant..does that make sense? haha. In the front of the restaurant there is a lobster tank with maybe 15-20 live lobsters in it, to look at while you are waiting to be seated. as we were leaving, we passed one of the cooks carrying on of those lobsters back to the kitchen on one of those plastic trays. It was quite a commical site...but im sure a rather tragic end for the little guy.
After dinner we went to the movies and saw Valkyrie. very well done movie on the asassination attempts against Hitler. Very clean and well done. Comes highly recommended, especially for all you history buffs. but anyways! we walk into the theatre and literally NO ONE was there! Granted, we were like 30 minutes early, but we seriously thought we would be watching the movie by ourselves and the movie real man. Almost right after I took this picture a few families mosied in, but it was fun while it lasted.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Josh and I have been enjoying Disney a lot lately, so why not go on New Years too? We got there with the mindset that it would be extremely crowded and probably would not be able to ride too many rides. Yes, it was crowded, but not as bad as Disney made it out to be. they completely closed off some of the paths inside the park, making one side of the 'street' an entrance and the other an exit (basically making an inconvenient circle around the park). I'm not explaining it well enough for you to sympathize with our frustration, but basically it made it very difficult for us to get where we wanted to be. Needless to say, we went on a few rides here and there (walked right onto the Monsters Inc ride) and watched the fireworks at 9:30. After that we left the park to get away from the annoying people and find some good coffee. Instead of going back into Disney for the midnight fireworks we decided to head over to California Adventure and experience the New Year from a much less crowded, yet just as exciting stand point. Both parks had a stage and DJ, but the Disney side was more family oriented with mickey mouse dancing around on stage and California Adventure was more of a dance party. Both parks were enjoyable, but i think we both enjoyed the atmosphere at California Adventure much more: and there was probably only a few hundred people vs a few thousand. :) (I'm not a fan of big crowds so this worked out perfect)
New Years Day we celebrated with a group of people from the Bible College and had a blast hanging out and exchanging white elephant gifts. My boss (and former teacher) Erik and his wife Lynette have four kids, their youngest being Chloe, who is simply a doll. She is the most chill baby (maybe even more so than Josh's little cousin Aiden..previous post) and pretty content to entertain herself. Definitly does not give smiles away to just anyone (josh snuck a small smile out of her and of course 'daddy' got plenty of smiles), but is still one of the sweetest babies.