Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Wonderful World least that was the title to one of the songs that the pond water danced to last night! its ok. ill start over. :)
Adeh, a fellow bible college attendee, invited us up once again to Glendale for a great night of fellowship and of Adeh grew up in Iran and introduced us to authentic Persian food last night. It was actually delicious. I sadly didn't get any pictures of our meal, but it took multiple waters to bring out our dinner, and they even had to clear off our table mulitple times so that all our food would fit.
After our filling dinner, we walked around the Americana for a few hours, had my first Pinkberry(..still like Yogurtland the best), grabbed ourselves some coffee, and sat near the water fountain/pond and watched the show. About every 15 minutes, the water "dances to the music". its amazing. and very entertaining. Its starting to feel like Christmas!

This is Adeh see the water dancing?

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Tiffany Renee Phillips said...

Beautiful and I forgot to say "your welcome" for the copyright stuff. Here's my reply (also on my post): Solid Rock Christian Center which hosts it's services @ Jesus is the Answer right now. Praise Him! KIT