Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Huntington Library and Gardens

Let me just say (once again) that I have the sweetest freinds...ever. Bri and Batstone wanted to take me out for my birthday and had  planned this weekend for about a month, since it was the first Saterday we were all available after my birthday! They suprised me with a trip to the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasedena. I had been there once before when i was about 13. Definitely did not appreciate its beauty as much as I did this time around. We all had so much fun taking pictures and trying to find the different gardens! More pictures to come. :)

This poor fly is about to meet his Maker. This type of plant has fine, sticky hairs on its stem and leaves to that bugs stick to it! ...somehow the plant later eats them i think. 

look at the cool colors on this tree!!!

this plant closes up when you touch its leaves! 

Bri couldn't figure out how to get the microscope to focus. i think she was getting frustrated
the COOLEST bridge in the garden


Brianna said...

what an awesome post! i love all the pictures!!! hahaha

Sera Nelson said...

Nice boots, and cute dress, you should have put a belt around your waist.... LOVE YOU, looks like you guys had a lot of fun !

Laura Bat said...

hahahahahaha. I love the picture of Bri with the microscope. and the one at the top is sweeeet!