Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Since You've Been Gone..."

Sounds like a line from a Kelly Clarkson song doesnt it? Actually, this is a post for NINA about everything that has happened since she has left me to go to Fresno for 3 weeks. 
Josh's cousins came back down after the 100 mile Solvang bike ride (Alive) ...

To celebrate Griffin's (8th?)birthday!
and we watched the Disney fireworks from their Hotel room after a night swim in the Pirate ship pool! (sorry, no pictures of that one)

And now Jessica likes to drink anything and everything from coffee to soda in her GINORMOUS coffee cup. its pretty awsome actually.

I had to eat my Cap'n Crunch out of a cup the other day because we didn't have any bowls! Yes, I usually eat a healthy breakfast (at home) but i was really late for work so i had to make a sacrifice. ;)

OOOO!! and I got a new phone on Sunday! (photobooth does not do it justice) its a touch screen and i love it. much nicer than my old phone. and guess what?? it has a sick camera! good quality pictures, mulitple resolution choices, you can EDIT the pictures on the camera, choose B+W, sepia, etc. ..its the bomb diggity. 

Love you and miss you, girly! Come home to me soon!  :)

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Nina49a said...

Thanks for the update cant wait to see the new phone and Jess' new mug! did u dye your hair again?