Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adventures with Batty!

So today, Batstone and I went on a well deserved adventure. Our intent for going on our adventure was to go to the credit union and seeing about getting me a debit/credit card (which never actually happened because they were closed). Our adventure went as follows: Heading towards Brookhurst I got distracted and suggested we stop by the bookstore at the Fountain Valley Library and see what books we could find. It was a succesful detour resulting in my purchases of Norman Geisler's False Gods of our Time, Revelation Unveiled (a book by Tim LeHaye completely explaining the book of revelation..wahoo!), and C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. Batstone got this book called ..meh..I forget what its called. But basically it is a survival book for obscure situations ..that will probably never happen (what to do when being chased by a bull, how to avoid getting stuck during an avalanche, what to do if your parachute doesnt open properly..that is actually very helpful info) ok. onwards.....

Next we stopped at Fashion 21 (supposedly cheaper..branch of Forever 21), where I purchased this exciting outfit of an oversized shirt and leggings for a mere $9.25.

After our short shopping spree we were determined to find a frozen yogurt place, but once again I got distracted and was very enthusiastic about stopping in at Prehistoric Pets! It was sooo cool in their. Kids were feeding live larvae to the HUGE fish (that were butt ugly! and had square chompers for teeth) and lovely turtles. [NINA! this would be the sweetest place to take the girls!!haha. they can even feed larvae to ugly fish!..ok.minus the larvae part.]

Finally, we were back on track and moments later found the beloved Yogurt land: a self serve frozen yogurt place where you pay by the ounce. It can be cheap or expensive depending on how much of a fatty you are...I lean more towards the fatty category on this one. I endulged myself in a delicous and well deserved cheesecake and cappacino blend topped with fresh strawberries..delightful.


Corynne Escalante said...

what can i say? i just love you to pieces. you make me smile. thanks for that.

Corynne Escalante said...

if that wasn't clear... i loved this post!

sidenote: you're just one of those people, you know? the ones that just... i don't know... i don't know! i can't think of the right words. i just love ya, kid. keep up the good work and loving jesus.

Nina49a said...

I say you take an identical adventure and this time we'll join you guys!