Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beach, Fireworks..and The Ritz Carlton

Last night we double dated with Bri and Billy in hopes of watching the fireworks show at Laguna Beach. Apparently getting there an hour and a half early to look for parking isn't good enough. Josh and I drove up and down PCH, in and out of the residential streets for a good 20-30 minutes and did not find ONE spot to park. It was insane. Finally we ended up down at Salt Creek (just outside of Laguna) and decided to watch the fireworks from there. Ironically, there is a Ritz Carlton Hotel, on the beach, just opposite of the state beach. Long and exciting story short, we watched the fireworks from the outside of someones balcony (they were nice enough to lend us there table to set our coffee on...or so they found out this morning) and got to see five different shows at the same time along the coast (really cool!), snuck into the pool area, josh door bell ditched (he's 21 i promise), toured the hotel, found shirts at their suivenere shop for $230, and finally drove off in our Bentley cruiser...i mean Honda Civic. We felt so out of place, but had such a good time! ha! such a memorable night.

There was a row of individual towels. Talk about germ freaks.

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Corynne Escalante said...

that's a great shot of the fireworks. i love the people all silhouetted.
the ritz carlton is indeed snazzy. my brother works as head saucier at the ritz. he just left that one and moved to the one in Philly.