Monday, July 14, 2008

Adventures with Batty...AND Bri!

Today we decided it was a girls day, since we wanted to spend time with Bri before she left for Costa Rica Wednesday. After having a very delicous slice of "Z-pizza", which was only $2.75 (definitly made it even more delicous) we continued on our way to Laguna Beach where we spent the next few hours walking around the quaint shops, looking at crystals, wandering around 'nick nack' shops (laguna can make ANYTHING pricey), watching gay men do their perverted things on the beach (Nina i must tell sorry), and ended our adventure meandering down PCH with Golden Spoon.
so there used to be this man (who if i remember right, was homeless) in the 60s/70s who would stand on the corner of PCH and wave to everyone as they went by. my mom remembers him always standing on the same corner when she was a child and saying hello to everyone. He became known as "the Greeter". Since then he has passed away, but this statue was made in his honor. quite an impact he must have made.

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