Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun in the very hot sun

This past week i was asked to go up to Green Valley lake with some churches as their photographer. The only people from costa mesa that went were Gary, Darlene, Andrew, Mark, and myself. I knew two other people starting out but i learned to make freinds fast. it was a lot more fun than i was expecting and ended up having a blast. i came away with a little over 1,500 "good" pictures, and probably deleted close to the same number that i kept. Each night they showed a slide show of my pictures (which was pretty cool) but definitly stressful finding time to edit and delete close to 500 pictures each day. I had quite a few people come up to me each day sharing with me that i should seriosly consider going into this field..and after hearing that close to twenty or more times.. i might consider it. at least make it a serious hobby. ha. i dont know. anywho. Here are a few..ok a lot.. of my favorite pictures from the trip.

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ashleyrose2004 said...

Wow you are an amazing photographer! I hate posed pictures, they aren't real. You have great talent, keep clicking.