Monday, August 11, 2008

General Update

So Yogurtland. My new found love and obsession..expensive obsession. I've decided that frozen yogurt is more refreshing than ice cream. And I can even trick myself into thinking that it is semi healthy. Before picking up Josh from his missions trip to England (yay! my babes is back!), Chloe and I had a wonderful night together, ending at Yogurtland. I tried a new combination: heath bar and NY cheescake. glorious. i will admit that i like cafe leche mocha with cheesecake better.

The next day we met up with our good freinds Pete and Kendra, visiting from Florida. We started out our day with Pete and Josh re-living their glory days of being "Atilla's Champions" at Table Tennis, and of course ended our adventurous day with Yogurtland once again. This time i noticed on the door that it has symbols representing no dogs and no cameras. how random!! lol good thing chloe and i got all of our pictures in the night before. what a weird rule! o well. what are they going to say?

As we were driving away, across the street from Yogurtland i spotted this hard core metal child (i call everyone "child" doesnt matter your age..,.clarifation) appear over the little hill playing his guitar by the bus stop!! i guess that doesnt sound super random. but you should have seen him. we thought it was hilarious.


brittanyanne said...

okay. So, now seeing the amount of yogurt that you placed in your cup, I can see how it could be expensive. I don't even think I amassed a third of that on my first time at the land of gurt and I thought I had a lot!

See you Wednesday lovely!

Corynne Escalante said...

yes, that is definitely weird seeing that kid rockin' out on the grassy knoll...