Saturday, October 4, 2008

The New Place

Don't be fooled by their solemn expressions..the girls LOVE their new HOUSE! Char is constantly staggering from one end of the house to the other and I think that Nevaeh is really loving her new backyard. Nina's parents came to visit this weekend and we enjoyed an extremely delicous steak dinner that her dad BBQ'd. O. and straight from Nevaeh's mouth, and i quote, "Rachel (which comes out more like RaSHHel), your butt is too big". endquote. HA! for some reason she decides that after realizing i was sitting in a different chair than everyone else. Nina so nicely interpretted it to mean that my butt was so big I had to sit in a special chair. haha, o man. at least it made for great dinner conversation.

That's Nina's mom. holding a bubble cazoo...not a cigar. one of my favorite pictures of the evening


Melissa Ashley Leveck said...

Very cute picture of Nevaeh and Char :)

Brianna said...

oOo that bubble pic is SWEET!