Sunday, September 28, 2008

Knotts Berry Farm

Saterday was an amazingly fun day with Josh and his parents at Knotts. His mom is an RN and her hospital paid for workers and their families to get free for the day. Josh and I felt adventurous and tried to go on as many roller coasters as we could, while his parents watched.haha. but the four of us did go on the river rapids and log ride mulitple times throughout the day. maybe its a combination of constantly walking, the sun beating down heavily, and standing in line all day, but i always come back from theme parks exhausted. o yeah. and speaking of 'standing in line all day'..we really didn't. the park was pretty empty most of the day. we practically walked onto all the rides until around 3 then the lines started picking up. i think people were waiting to come for Knotts Scary Farm, which would explain why there wasn't many people. but hey! im not complaining.

Josh with his parents in the background.

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