Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double Dating It Up!!

Josh and I went on our first double date with Will and Bree Sunday night! We had a lot of fun with them walking around Balboa Island.

I found this coin operated horse that I wanted to ride! (My mom NEVER let us ride those things outside of the grocery stores. so i guess im making up for what i missed as a child. ha!) anyways..Josh put a coin in when i wasnt expecting it, and i had a blast riding this thing. hahaha. i got off and sat on the bench next to everyone else, just in time for this woman to walk by with her boyfreind (drunk) and she started telling me that she likes to get on that coin operated horse when we is alone, drunk walking her dog. this lady was hilaroius. she went off on her story of how her dog always barks at the horse and she thinks its the funniest thing, and kept repeating how she only does it when shes drunk. haha o man..


Laura Bat said...

umm... is there some classified information in there?

Sera Nelson said...

You silly girl... I'm glad you had fun on the first time you rode a mechanical horse !