Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pomagranite Ice Cream and Caramel Apples

yes, it was actually pomagranite frozen yogurt, but 'ice cream' has a sweeter ring to it. I spent a lovely afternoon with Nina and her girlies, finding matching outfits for the girls, and enjoying some yummy yogurt after a very filling meal from Hawaiin Express.

Josh got his braces off yesterday too!! As a special treat, we went to down town Disney and bought Caramel Apples...they were simply delightful. I got an "apple pie caramel apple" (with WHITE chocolate) and josh got a "chocolate caramel apple" (title is self explanatory). what a lovely day. Look at those pearly whites! Trying to get some caramel out of his freshly-braceless teeth.haha
O yeah..and you can now refer to me as a brunette :)


Brianna said...

WHAT THE HECK! i didn't even know you dyed your hair AGAIN but that's ironic because it's been basically a year since mrs. bat dyed our hair!! haha! and good grief, it's about time josh got his braces off...after what...10 years? :-)

Nina49a said...

"Is this what pomagranites taste like?" One of these days we'll break one open and find out.
I love the hair! I think a shade darker will be due around December! Congrats on the pearly whites! love ya