Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lunch with the duckies and Cherry on Top

Yesterday, I met up with Nina and the girlies for lunch at Tiwinkle park. Let me just tell you..those "waterfowl" are bold! These 'half-breed ducks' (as we called them) came right up to our blanket and at one point surrounded us, waiting for our food to be surrendered. They were not even slightly scared of "shew! go away!" followed by a swipe of the hand, so i casually mentioned that (in the future) we could use a magazine i had in my bag to shew them away with if they got to close. The next thing we knew, Nevaeh got up from the blanket and boldly began chasing these birds away, demanding that they leave our food alone. (it was really cute)

Last night, after Josh's bible study (which was AMAZING by the way!) the whole group went out for frozen yogurt afterwards! We had a great time of fellowship, and its something that we should definitely do more often. Kat made a friend at winter camp who lived in Colorado. Apparently, she just moved back to California two days ago (didnt know anyone) and happened to go to the Monday night study at Calvary to check it out. On her way in, Kat recognized her and asked if she wanted to join us for our little study. Her name is Cambria (how cool?!) and she is really sweet. Our study got moved around quite a few times yesterday, and we ended up in the Refuge office.. It was totally the Lord leading us in there (even tho at the time the circumstance seemed a little frustrating and completely out of our hands) If we hadn't met in there last night, Kat definitely wouldnt have run into Cambria last night, and she wouldnt have had the opportunity to make so many freinds! we told her about the high school group on wednesday nights and she sounded really excited to start coming. God works in mysterious ways.

(blurry picture of Cambria)

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Brittany Anne said...

AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! That is SOOOOO rad how the Lord intervened and got Cambria and Katt back together!