Friday, June 5, 2009

Girls night

I love that the sun doesn't go down until like 8pm now! So much extra time to spend out doors after work. With a few extra hours of sun i feel like my day wasn't completely waisted sitting behind a desk..even tho it was. haha. 

Watching some kids play football in the street (Nevaeh wishing she could join them)

She kept having to adjust her hat so she could see! But insisted that she must wear it non the less.


Laura Bat said...

o my goodness, that last picture is awesome. Straight out of the 90s. hahaha. Also, who is that tall skinny girl? Augh! She is getting too big.

Nina49a said...

Dear Best Babysitter Friend in the World,

The Abdulla Girls

Abraham and Danielle said...

Those are so cute!!! We are gonna miss you guys so much!!! Danielle