Friday, April 10, 2009

Nevaeh's 4th Birthday!

I can't believe Nevaeh is already 4! Last Saturday all of her cousins came down from Fresno to help celebrate her "horse themed" birthday. Such a fun filled day full of face painting, yummy horsey treats, a scavenger hung, a horsey pinata, a horsey cake, and lots of cool presents.
Brandi was so excited to sneak some extra sugar in Charlotte.
Nevaeh LOVED her Horsey pinata

Char was eating up all of the attention and posing for the cameras. What a doll.

Nevaeh's cousin Trenton are SO very adorable together and seem to get along really well.

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Laura Bat said...

precious. I can't believe party #3 was a year ago! fastest year of my life. I love all the horses and the picture of Abraham hahaha