Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm Engaged!

5 diamonds total;square setting in the middle. The ring was his grandmothers! so its antique and EXACTLY what i wanted.

You would not believe how busy my week has been. With such important news you would think i would be blogging the night of..but no. I'm pretty sure everyone has heard the wonderful news that Josh and I are engaged, but i'm sure not everyone has heard the story yet.

Last Friday, Josh wanted to take me out to Royal Hawaiian in Laguna Beach for our 3rd annual Friday night date night (since we both work full time our dates have become something we both look forward to and definitly more meaningful). We both ordered ribs (i also had delicous shrimp) and decided they were the best we had ever had. After dinner, Josh suggested we leave our car and walk about a block to 'main beach' for a while. First we walked down to the stairs to a small section of the beach and watched the tide slowly creep towards us. everytime i tried to give him a hug he would squeeze me tight then gently take my hands and pull them away (apparently the ring box was in his jacket pocket and he was afraid that i would accidentally feel it.hehe) After realizing there wasn't going to be anywhere to stand once the tide consumed the beach, we headed back up the stairs and Josh suggested we "walk" (more like SPEEDwalk [cuz he was so nervous]) over to the Gazeebo. There was already a couple there, so we stayed for about a minute and decided to go over to the lookout point on the complete opposite end of main beach. We weren't there longer than 2 minutes before he got down on one knee and asked me to his wife. :D so much emotion piled into one moment all i could do was scream (after like 10 minutes once i realized it had really happened). We called both of our cousins and some freinds from out of town, then Josh said we had to be somehwere. Being the sweet person that he is he planned a suprise engagement party with our parents and almost 20 of our closest freinds. It was THE perfect night.

Just Engaged!

My Maid(s) of Honor!

We are hoping to set a date for the end of August. Today we are going to look at reception sites (PLEASE pray that we can find one that is reasonably priced) God has been so faithful in every step of our relationship; i know he is not going to stop now. :)


Abraham and Danielle said...

Oh it's about time you blogged about this! I've been waiting......we are so excited for you!! Danielle

Brianna said...

dah-ha! awesome. awesome. AWESOME!!!

that's....all. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm SOOOOO happy for you both. Please tell Josh I said hi & CONGRATULATIONS! I'll be praying for all the planning. Daryl & I are starting to plan now for next year, so I know the reception site can be the hardest decision. But I know God will be faithful. Don't be stressed. I love you both.