Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So the last few days have been very interesting. My dad was taking out the trash monday night and a girl wandered up to him, crying profusely. In between tears she explained that her foster mom would not let her keep this baby kitten she had just been given and wanted to find someone to watch him for her until she moved in with another family so that she did not have to leave the kitty out on the streets that night. My father had compassion on this girl and told her we could keep the kitten for her this week until she moved.

In the morning, I went into the garage where we kept him in a crate that night before, to hear him crying with what was left of his scratchy voice (apparently he had cried all night and lost his voice. it was quite funny actually). Long story shorter, the girl came and picked him up yesterday afternoon saying that her teacher at school was going to keep the cat. I was kinda disapointed, becuase he is so adorable and loving. I left the room where we were keeping him yesterday only to here him start waling for me to come back, and when I did he immediatly started trying to climb up my pant leg for me to hold him. How can you not fall in love with something so precious and playful?

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Nina49a said...

Awwww! Nevaeh was very excited to see this picture. See you soon!