Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Today we went to my grandparents retirement home to spend lunch with my grandpa for fathers day. He has dimensia so I never know if he will remember me. Sometimes he will remember half way through our visit, its quite funny actually. Anyways, towards the end of our delicious lunch of el pollo loco, an old couple (what am i saying..its a retirement home..of course their old) came outside near where we were eating. it was the cutest thing to see, becuase the husband had brought out a music box and was playing some oldies music for his beloved wife. they were adorable sitting there listening to their music as he tenderly held her hand and affectionatly talked with her. thats what i picture life being like when i get old. sitting outside with my husband as he romantisizes with me about the past...and still ever so tenderly holds my hand.