Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[non]Labor Day

Sorry i havent posted in a while. things have been kind of crazy. 8) lets start off with the fact that Josh and I just got married!! eek! so far married life is..awsome. :D we are still trying to settle into our place and get everything organized so that we can function appropriately, but we are enjoying every minute of it. Pictures of the wedding will definitely be coming, along with some others from our honeymoon in Jamaica! (which was also amazing)

Making faces
Poor Josh got worn out

Mike having too much fun at the park.
Brittany and Kat! :D
they had the most interesting equipment at the park we went to! this was like a skateboard that swung back and forth. after all my cuts and two bloody knees, i decided the equipment was a little dangerous even for me!

the man who grilled the yummy try tip, steak, chicken, and rabbit (that chad killed the night before...ew.)

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Abraham and Danielle said...

Rabbit??.....oh Abraham would've loved that!!! Nice to see you didn't fall off the planet....Great pics! Love, Danielle