Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the creative juices flow!

Thanks to Corynne, I have found a new happy place.!! this girl is from new york, shes a part of the infamous "improv everywhere" videos, and one of the most creative people i have [n]ever met. Her goal is to make people smile and she does just that. Katie always seems to be coming up with new creations and has definitely inspired me to the max. Apparently she put a single heart over the camera lens and the lights became heart shapes. Really interested to try this one and see how it comes out.
Who ever knew silhouettes could be so fun! A few of the 'picture people' are helping those in different frames. 

Cupcake sandwiches! 
and my favorite. paper cut out bubbles. .. awsome.. 


Brittany Anne said...

Love her! Been following her for awhile! I have wanted to do the heart thing for ages but haven't shot anything on a "normal" camera recently. :(

I have a feeling we will be seeing some fun pictures soon! Try stars and christmas trees too!

Brianna said...

okay she is definitely amazing and i would love to meet her or maybe just live vicariously through her. what is it like to be creative like that? dang.