Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm 19!

So let me just start out by saying that I have the sweetest boyfreind and the type of freinds that everyone wishes they had. uh huh. Their awsome. :)

My birthday (was yesterday) but started on Saterday when Josh took me out to celebrate all day. He planned a whole day for us and we had such a fun time.We started out at this delicous honey baked ham shop, got some sandwhiches and sat down at the hill overlooking corona del mar. Honestly, that was probably one of the best sandwhiches i have had in a long long time. After driving up and down Laguna Beach for a while, we went to Olive Garden for dinner then went and saw Mall Cop. Hilarious movie. If you are not a fan of Kevin James (originally from King of Queens) then you won't appreciate the humor.

The birds at the park were fearless! Full wing span going straight for the sandwhich!

Yesterday (actually birthday) Batstone, Nina (and the babes), Danielle, Lauren, Lindsey, and Jessica met me at Chipotle for lunch! I had such a great time just spending time with my lovelies. When Nina opened the car door I saw Char sitting in her chair holding a "Happy Birthday" balloon for me. It was the cutest thing. 

The girls brought be a balloon and flowers!
Look at the card she made me! Its me and Nevaeh at the to a flower. I LOVE it. :) 

Both of the girls attached themselves to Jessica right away. It was really sweet.

Thank you everyone for taking time out of your day to come to lunch! i greatly appreciate it and had such a great time with each of you.

P.S. Danielle makes THE COOLEST cards! (as does Nevaeh)


Prove 31 Jessy said...

Awww, you are so sweet! I couldn't of prayed for a better co-worker/friend than you! Love ya!

Abraham and Danielle said...

Thanks! Those were great pics too by the way! Sounds like you had a great Birthday!Many Blessings to ya!

Sera Nelson said...

I'm a little sad I wasn't invited... but we did have lunch the day after... so I guess that's good enough...

Corynne Escalante said...

happy birthday, sweet rachel... i can't believe you're only 19... didn't you pass that age years ago?!

Nina49a said...

We were so blessed to get a little piece of you're special day!

OH Sera! There were no real invites...everyone just kinda ended up there! I am NOW Promising to contact you for our next outing!

Brianna said...

dude...did i take that pic of the cherry on top cup?! it's okay if i didn't...i just...thought i might have. ha.