Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Girl time.

Nina, Nevaeh, Bri, and I had some serious girl time last week...we got our nails done! that was my second experience going to a nail salon (and it is a unique experience each time). I got acrilycs (spelling anyone?) for the first time and i really like them! even more important josh really likes them. ;) however, i keep fearing they will fall off if i bang them at work one more time, and ill admit that it is much harder to type. but they are so worth it. i had a great time with my girls that night. pure fun. nevaeh was excited to get her nails painted (bright red with sparkles) and hopped right up in the chair and put her hands up on the towel ready to go.
After we got our nails done, we checked out the new Cherry on top by Calvary. FYI their plain tart yogurt with fruit is delicous!
As you can see Nevaeh LOVED her ice cream.


Corynne Escalante said...

aaww... looks like fun. love the pics.

Nina49a said...

How crazy was that salon?!

PS. I wish i was photogenic like you. lol.