Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home sweet home?

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we find out if we have been approved to move into the Pinewood Apartments! It is a small(er) complex right off of the 5 South, exit Red Hill, and is absolutely beautiful. We applied today and the lady who worked with us seemed very hopeful that we would be approved. She is a sweet older woman, who ends up being a Christian! How awsome is that? She was telling us all about how she gets to take her grandson to FishFest this weekend and different churches that she has attended, etc. She made us feel very welcome and was extremely helpful every 5,000 times that I called today. ok not that many, but I call at least 3 times. :) We are both really excited and hope that this works out! Please keep us in prayer as it can be a stressful and nerve racking time waiting for the outcome.


Abraham and Danielle said...
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Abraham and Danielle said...

Okay so I didn't actually look at what I wrote before I posted it....:( But....the place looks very nice!!! But too far from us!! We will be praying for you...and BTW thank Josh for the coffee for me!!! Love, Danielle

Brianna said...

yayyy!!! i'm praying it works out! looks awesome, sounds awesome...is it too good to be true? ;)